BJ Nilsen

BJ Nilsen (SE) is a Swedish composer and sound artist based in Berlin and London. His work is primarily focused on the sounds of nature and how they affect humans. His two latest solo albums, released by Touch, Eye Of The Microphone (2013) – based on the sound of London – and The Invisible City (2010), explore the urban acoustic realm. He has collaborated with Chris Watson on Storm and Wind, also released by Touch (2006, 2001). His original scores and soundtracks have featured in theatre and dance performances and film, including Microtopia and Test Site (2013, 2010, dir. Jesper Wachtmeister), Enter the Void (2010, dir. Gaspar Noé), and, in collaboration with Jóhann Jóhannsson, I Am Gere (2014, dir. Anders Morgenthaler). Links: (source photo:

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